Rehabilitating abused chick--please help.


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Apr 22, 2011
Today I brought home a BA approximately 10 weeks old. She's underweight and her feathers are in bad shape--very ratty. She's dirty, lethargic and smells terrible. Any suggestions on caring for her? She came from a small hatchery/farm where she had been in a brooder with approximately 20 other chicks and didn't get enough to eat (and obviously picked on terribly). Any suggestions for caring for her and integrating her into my existing flock of four 7-week old chicks?

Thank you!
1st she needs to be quarintended for 30 days. I would give ger lots of protien, electrolytes, and maybe some pro-v vitamins. Maybe give her some scrambled eggs, yogurt. Anything with protien. Good luck please keep us updated.
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Thank goodness that chick got a second lease on life with you!

I agree with terrilhb. Isolate your new addition for 30 days to make sure it doesn't look terrible because it is sick. You can keep it from getting lonely by giving it a feather duster to cuddle up to.

Lots of protien in the form of scrambled/boiled eggs and mealworms (your chick will become your best friend in the process). You might also try save-a-chick too.

Good luck!
UPDATE: I gave her a bath and blow dry and her feathers look much better--maybe even normal. She's still sleeping a lot (I wonder if she's just worn out from the stress of living in a cramped brooder?) and it will take a while to gain weight, obviously. But she's looking better. (And she seemed to like the bath and blow dry just fine--sat still during all of it. What girl doesn't like a salon wash and dry??)
Thanks for all the information and support! I don't have any photos yet (but she looks like every other black australorp I've ever seen!) She will get plenty of love and care...

Although I'm feeling kind of guilty too...the only reason I got her at all is because one of my "girls" turned out to be a rooster and had to be returned to the farm (city ordinance doesn't allow roos). I felt terrible leaving him there, after he's been used to free ranging in the backyard and being loved.

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