Reintegrating injured hen


May 16, 2019
Westford, MA
I seem to have a high needs hen on my hands :) I posted here and received great assistance when my BR, Holly, had flavus. That has healed nicely, but she seems to have strained/sprained her leg.

She actually had a limp over the summer as well, and has continued to be a bit slower in getting around, but it became clear over the weekend that something suddenly changed. She slept in the nesting boxes, would lay down in the run, and finally fell when she hopped down from the edge of the coop and couldn’t get back up.

We brought her inside in a crate, and she seems to be improving. I don’t feel heat or see any swelling, and no bumble foot or obvious signs of injury, so I think she will recover with time.

I’m now realizing that we should have left her in the crate with her flock mates. She is definitely not strong enough to fend for herself, as evidenced by the quick “reintroduction” when I brought her out to visit yesterday. (I’m learning!) She is standing for longer periods of time, but definitely not up to running around

My question is...What now? I want to bring her crate out to the run, but it’s too cold at night here for her to stay there. Bring her inside at night, and back out in the morning each day? Any advice when it’s finally time to fully reintegrate? It has been three days, and I think she is already a stranger to them. She was head hen, then fairly even in the lineup with one of our others, who was the first to go after her yesterday.

Thank you all for your help!
Sorry, adding that we have four other hens in this flock with her. I think the bottom of the long run would be the best spot to put the crate.


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From the sounds of it, you won't be able to fully integrate her back into the flock until she's fully healed. Chickens will naturally pick on the weakest link, sometimes extremely aggressively. So if she had gotten much worse she would likely have started to get picked on by by the flock even if you hadn't separated her.

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