Reintroducing a one-eyed chicken?


Mar 20, 2018
New Hampshire
I have a one-eyed RIR hen(hatched that way) who was being pecked at by the rest of the flock (10 other RIR hens). I already lost another injured chicken to pecking, so when I saw her missing feathers I immediately removed her. That was back in January. She's been living in my laundry room in a dog crate since then and occasionally likes to wander around my kitchen looking for treats, vegetables, etc. I figured she would be a house chicken. She a while she was very sweet, minding her own business. Then the past week or so she's become increasingly pushy with me, puffing up her chest at me and pecking hard at my legs.

Can I reintroduce her to her flock? She's been inside for about 2 months so I'm concerned about the temperature adjustment.
You can do it but you're going to have to introduce her back to the flock pretty much as a new bird since after a couple of months they've forgotten who she is. You're going to have to put her within view of the rest but out of harms way, this might last several weeks. The breed you have is slightly aggressive so even with a proper reintroduction and ample space she might still get picked on. The temperature changes are a minimal concern, just gradually take her outside under supervision a couple hours a day or keep her in the coolest room in your home for a day or so.Good luck. :)
I have always just picked up and held particularly aggressive chickens until they calm down, some folks peck them back with their fingers lightly on the head. She's had a flock of her own before so making her a housepet might be a little harder than usual they're social and right now she's trying to make you an underling of her new flock. Basically now you're getting picked on.:)
What about if I want to keep her as a house chicken? Any way I can get her to stop being agressive with me?

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