Reintroducing a sick chicken

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    I had a sick chicken ( Kera) that a brought into the house back in January. I am working on reintegrating her back into the coop. Today she was outside for the first time and 2 different chickens who always seemed docile jumped her and attacked her neck. I was ready and broke them up quickly. I put Kera into the outside pen area and left the other chickens outside the pen. The sick chicken loved being outside and took a nice dust bath. The other chickens were trying to get into the pen instead of free ranging. I brought Kera back inside because she isn't used to the cold in the coop. I will try again tomorrow to see about them getting along.
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    Putting her in a dog crate in the coop with food and water at night will protect her and let the others get use to her being in with them. You might also be able to divide the coop or a area with fencing? It might take a week or so, for them to accept her again. Good Luck.
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    Good advice there^^^.

    It might take multiple weeks...ya just never know with live animals.

    But keeping the newbie (she's now a newbie, the other chickens don't remember her) within sight but protected by mesh/wire for a week or so, then keep trying to have them together and play it 'by ear'.

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