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Apr 22, 2010
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Two days ago, my four week old chicks began carrying on. By the time I realized that it wasn't just a day long pecking order squabble, one of the chick was missing most of her back feathers near her tail and was bloody. I set up a seperate brooder for her and kept her apart from her hatchmates. Yesterday, I paid her as much attention as I could and applied Rooster Booster no pick cream. I noticed that she was sneezing quite a bit although there was no crusting and her eyes were clear. For safety sake, I kept her away last night too.

She seems fine and I want to reintroduce her but I'm a bit nervous about it. If she is low chick on the totem pole, I don't want the attacks to start again. I was thinking about bringing some of the gentler chicks into her brooder until I have three in one and three in another. Then I would put them all together. Does this sound like a good idea? When I do go to put them together, should they go in her brooder or should I put them back in the origional brooder? Both brooders the same size.

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Great idea

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