Reintroducing roo to flock


11 Years
Feb 19, 2008
My alpha roo got beat up and run off by the younger but full grown roo. He has been living in my feed shed since then. At first it was so he could recover since he was injured and then spent a night in the woods and got rained on. Now he has no confidence. I put him out in the pasture now and then where the other roo cannot get to him. I have to make him go, though. He would rather just hang out in the shed. When Roo No. 2 sees him, he runs up to the fence dividing them; and Roo No. 1 runs to the other side of the pasture.

There are only 6 hens. It wasn't a problem for Roo No. 1 to let Roo No. 2 hang around. Not sure why Roo No. 2 won't let Roo No. 1 at least hang out. Do you think he would be accepted if he were put in the coop at night? I don't want to do that if he's going to get beat up again. Last night I gave him a hen to hopefully build up his confidence again. Poor guy doesn't even crow any more.
What about putting Roo No. 2 in the shed for a couple days so Roo No. 1 can be with the hens and regain his confidence?

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