Remember about 6 months back, when we got kitties?

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    They were brought here solely to solve the mouse problem. And it was a BAD mouse problem. Move on thing on the kitchen counter and there was a PILE of mouse turds. The oven was full of them, the cupboards had mouse turds in them. It was disgusting and no trap on this planet even came close to touching the problem.

    Gus and Woodrow caught their first mouse at 5 weeks old. Today they are approaching 6 months old, and tonight they are playing a mouse to death. The first one in the house in weeks. No more pile of mouse turds. No more urine smell in the oven.

    It was a major project cleaning up daily like that, and I no longer have to do that. These two actually fight over the mouse, growling and running away with it.

    The upside is, we love them both as well. They can stay here til the go to Rainbow Bridge.
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    [​IMG] Good kitties!
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    wow great job
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    Yeah for kitties!!!!

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