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    You may have a few more weeks to wait for an egg, but each girl is a little different. Hanging around the coop near nestboxes is a good sign. Some girls will start building a nest, make some soft clucking sounds - others give no sign at all until one day there's an egg. The beauty of keeping chickens is how they keep us guessing! You may want to uncover one of your boxes and throw a golf ball of two into it. If your girls have started sleeping on a roost or in another area, they might not return to the nest box for sleeping (a lot of chickens sleep there when they are young or new to the flock). Layer ration and having shell available are wise at this point. Good luck!! [​IMG]

    P.S. If you get soft shelled eggs at first, don't panic, it's fairly common. Once her cycle is established, some girls have a rocky start. They get to normal laying usually within a few weeks after soft ones appear. You may not get soft shelled eggs at all anyway - chickens are all different.
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