Replacement for plucking fingers on Whiz-bang?


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We're considering making a plucker, and have looked at various types (including the whiz-bang. The only item we can't find readily, and that would come at a pretty high expense is the plucking fingers.
I've seen other homemade pluckers that use bungee cord segments. Has anyone tried to modify the whiz-bang to use the bungee cord, or are the plucking fingers necessary.

If they're necessary, where is a good place to obtain them?
Ebay is a good place to start. There are usually several auctions going at one time. Also, I believe McMurray and some of the other hatcheries will sell them. If you buy the book on how to make the whizbang chicken plucker, I am pretty sure he lists sources for the materials towards the back of the book.

I just completed my new plucker and am looking forward to processing my first batch of meaties this summer!

Good luck!

Whizbang / Herrick Kimball


Looks like Herrick Kimball's are a few dollars cheaper. Can't tell if they are the same finger or not... I built a plucker last year and bought the book, fingers and idler arm hardware kit from him.

I never have bought much from ebay, but I just did a Google search for ebay and plucker fingers and got several hits.

Good luck with your plucker!
If I recall, they are the same. I origininally ordered from Kimball, and it seems like I ran short, then ordered from Strombergs because Kimball was sold out.

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