Rescue Buff with loose stool and a limp . . .

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    About three weeks ago I agreed to take in two rescue chicks from a country farm whose flock had been decimated by predators. They are the lone survivors and are now sequestered city-dwellers with me. I have an established flock of four who are happy and healthy and I really don't want to bring doom and gloom into their midst.

    The two rescues are a Buff Orpington and a Leghorn. I'm not sure of the age of either. The Leghorn is spunky and has started laying about every-other day. The Buff seems depressed most of the time. She eats and drinks but moves around minimally with a limp. Both had a bad case of leg mites and the Buff had a bad case of lice - all of which has been remedied. I've checked for Bumblefoot and done the epsom salt soak on both. The Buff had what appeared to be a brown spot on one foot, so I scraped it off, applied an anti-bacterial ointment and bandaged it. The problem is that she is limping on the opposite foot, which looks to be perfectly fine. What am I missing that may be causing her distress? Can a prolonged case of leg mites make her limp?

    I've been stalking their poo like a crazy person looking for signs of parasites and I haven't found any. The Leghorn's poo seems normal (pic below) but the Buff has consistently runny poo. I've given probiotics and yogurt on several occasions since they've been with me, which is about 2 1/2 weeks now. I'm afraid that she may have a bacterial infection from questionable food (what I got from her original owner looked suspect) but that's just a guess. What to do? Do I give her Tylan?

    Looking for the collective wisdom of this group to help me figure out how best to get her well before I think of integrating the newbies into my healthy flock. Thanks for the feedback!

    Pics below:

    #1 - Buff Orpington - runny, a bit smelly
    #2 - Leghorn - seems normal, but not like that of my others

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

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