Rescue Duck. Please don’t chastise me.

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by HeatherMo, Oct 7, 2019.

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    Main thing is getting him before he becomes food for the hungry predators or gets frozen in place and then becomes food. I rescued 3 drakes from our river down below but it was in summer. I spent about a week winning them over and they were hungry. I used cracked corn because most ducks love it and it's a surefire way of winning them over pretty quick. I set up a dog x pen at the river kept one side open the side facing the river. I started putting the cracked corn down before putting up the x pen once they were looking for me with food I waited till they were out in the water after eating an set up the pen then I started by putting the cracked corn outside of the pen on the ground and gradually over a few weeks moved it inside till it was clear at the back so they had to walk all the way in. [These drakes couldn't fly] Once I got them inside and eating I closed the open end and walked in and picked each one up placed them into a dog crate and brought them home. I rehomed.
    Out-Back Wildlife Rehabilitation Center Phone (734) 854-2597 here is a list of all wildlife rehab place in Michigan.

    Facebook pages to rehome this duck. Ducks for rehoming in Michigan BYDs ISO / Re-home / Trade (Backyard Ducks) - prohibits terms like "forsale" Michigan Duck Exchange Poultry & Waterfowl Free In Need of Homes/Rescue Michigan, Indiana, & Ohio

    i hope this helps you out. let me know if you have any questions.
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    I’d try enticing him with treats and then nabbing him!

    I was able to catch a feral duck this way before.
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    If I were you I would save this duck. Like others food has worked well for me in the past, mealworms in particular. Then suddenly grabbing their necks with a hand and then secure their wings closed with both hands as quickly as you can. You won't cause damage this way and you'll be saving him from a lot of pain by being uncared for.

    3.5 years ago I was given 4 dumped rescue ducks who were living with wild mallards. I didn't quarantine them or take them to the vet for parasite checks, but just introduced them to my 2 existing ducks immediately. A few months later we had very sick ducks. I don't know that the newcomers brought parasites, but I suspect it and won't be risking my existing flock again.

    I would still save the Pekin. I would just test him for parasites, quarantine him, and perhaps rehome him to not disrupt your ratio.

    BTW, I'm always so happy when I hear of people like you. Going out of their way to help a duck who needs help.
  5. Any update?
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    I would try to get him and then put him in quarantine for about a month. While he's in quarantine give him a really thorough look over for open wounds, mites, lice, anything like that. See if he displays any symptoms of being sick while he's in there also.
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    I would rescue it because he will end up dying. It's so sad when I see situatioms like this because this poor duck deserves so much more than to be left somewhere he dies not belong. I hope you can save him!
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    Curious too what happened here.
    Can you catch us up @HeatherMo?
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    Dec 26, 2018
    x2 :pop
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    :goodpost: Brilliant!
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