Rescued 4 roosters 2 hens less than a yr old merging


Apr 22, 2017
2 months ago I rescued 6 chickens 2 hens 4 roosters they are separated in their own pen but can see my chickens rooster and ducks all 2yr old. This 6 new ones are not even a yr old. They don't seem to want to get along when I let them in the bigger coop all together. Maybe too many roosters. Any suggestions of them getting along? I know roosters fight but I had to get em out of the situation I saw on facebook.
I have 9 roosters and 22 hens roughly. I posted online i would trade a rooster for a laying hen but nothing yet.

I will just say good luck! As I cant even give them away, however I did rehome a couple this year on this site. Post an ad in your states thread and in the free rehoming section (if you will let them go for free) and good luck!
Maybe too many roosters. Any suggestions of them getting along?
Not "maybe". Nine males, with at least half being hormonal juveniles, is a lot of testosterone for the number of hens you have especially if they are confined. Time for a construction project - build a bachelor coop and run for most of the extra males. It's highly unlikely you will find non-eating homes for that many roosters let alone anyone willing to trade a hen for one.
uhh… you might want to offer a free roo to a good home..... why would someone trade a valuable hen for a roo that they could get free elsewhere?
It was suggested to me to do vs killing em or allowing the birds to fight the guy I rescued them from didnt know a thing about chickens when I saw the ad it said 6 hens the picture wad far away so I couldn't tell that there were roosters. I told him I'd take em. I got there and discovered 4 where roosters. They had no room to turn around or run and he was scared to go inside the coop amongst other things so I took them. The coop itself was worth $300 he was selling everything for $100 we got it for half. Since I've had them they will eat out of my hand and come out of hiding and are no longer scared of people etc.

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