Rescued Canadian Goose Egg

Should I continue to raise the egg or give it to a rescue center

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May 16, 2017
Last week I was golfing and stumbled across a goose egg in the water, I quickly pulled it out and ran it home, i'm guessing the water was about 10 degrees C or colder. At the time I did not have an incubator to keep it warm only a small pillow sized heater. The egg was with the heater for about a day and a half with a constant changing temperature. I built it an incubator after I candled it and realized it was alive. I have had it for 5 days and it appears to be doing well, It is very developed and I suspect it will hatch over the weekend. I have been keeping the incubator at about 37.4 c I have been sprinkling the egg with water and leaving a small bowl and wet cloth in the incubator to keep it moist.

Any advice?
this is my first time raising an egg

Oh and I am aware it is illegal to keep a wild goose and have been looking for a place that may be able to take it in.

The goose started peeping inside the egg last night it's been about 9 hrs since he started and I think he is trying to make the external pip
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