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  1. Shabana

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    Hello all,
    Hope you might be able to help me please.

    I've only been keeping. Chickens about 3/4 months and I have a load of bantams who are all fine. Recently - about 3 weeks ago I rescued 3 "big girls" who were all in a state.
    They had suffered from a major mite infestation and their owners had kept them in cramped conditions and fed them all the wrong food.
    Tilly and Milly seem to be doing well. Their feathers are chewed and they are a little light still but I think they will be fine but poor Lilly is another matter.

    Lilly is a Leghorn. She has no feathers from under her breast round to her bum. Her other feathers are chewed. She has diahorrea and has a mucky bum. In three weeks she has laid 3 eggs which have porcelain thin shells but nearly every day she lays a soft shelled egg.
    None of the hens know how to perch to roost so I am trying to pop them on their perch at night.

    I have a powder in their food (they have layers pellets, poultry grit, oyster shell and mixed poultry seeds) to help with the diahorrea, I have a calcium additive in their water to help Lilly with her shells. I haven't wormed them yet . They range in a very large pen. When they first arrived I gave them poultry drops for three days to try to help them settle and help with stress.
    They are now mite free.

    Is there something I'm missing for Lilly ? She seems happy is active, inquisitive, and comes for a cuddle. It's been pretty hot here plus she's been through so much maybe it's a time thing ? Should I worm them ? Should I wash her bum ? And if so what should I use to wash her with ?

    Thanks so much for any advice
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    Jul 24, 2013
    Northern Cali
    I have no clue but I'll bump this just to get others attention. I wouldn't think she was stressed maybe try more greens?
  3. Shabana

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    Thank you !
    To be honest I've steered away from giving them greens because of the diahorrea but they are ranging on grass and their pen is super big.
    I'm going to the vets today to pick up some wormer. I've read a mild diluted dog shampoo can be ok to wash bums bums with ?

    Any ideas would be much appreciated x
  4. buttercup95

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    Jul 24, 2013
    Northern Cali
    I also use a mild dog shampoo and you can use diluted iodine just make sure it's not too strong it can be uncomfortable for them. I hope more people come to this thread to help. I'm sorry no one else commented
  5. Shabana

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    Wormer in the water and bathed all 3 of them in a solution the farm local to us recommended - its
    supposed to be for pigeons but they said its fine for poultry too. The girls initially were less than impressed but once they realised I wasn't trying to drown them they relaxed and quite enjoyed it making little clucks ! :)

    Fingers crossed !
  6. buttercup95

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    Jul 24, 2013
    Northern Cali
    I'm glad to hear that I hope they all get better soon. Have you found any treats they enjoy? Also a higher protein diet and oyster shells can help with the calcium. Also if you feed them back their own egg shells it's good for them. Just crunch them up so they don't develop a taste for eggs! It doesn't always happen but it can be a problem. (I realize they're not laying but that was just a piece of information I thought you might like to know for the future)
  7. Shabana

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    Thank you ! Yes feeding oyster shell etc and will crush their shells for them - good idea :)

    They have a few treats - I'm not going mad with the treats until I get them sorted but they have enjoyed tearing around after some grass hoppers and I have some mealworms for them too.
    I did give Lilly some cat food when she first came just to give her a protein boost and she woofed it down but I haven't given her any more because I wasn't sure how often and how much was appropriate.
    Hopefully the wormer will work. I really don't know what to try after that.
    Many thanks for your reply xxx
  8. happyhens1972

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    Jul 24, 2013
    Worcester, UK
    The wormer should help improve things hon and it sounds like you're doing everything else just right. It's very important to keep those bums clean to prevent fly strike and now they've been properly cleaned up, a quick re-visit with warm water should be enough if you notice soiling. A little clip back of feathers directly around the vent area can help prevent build-up or clogging too if it gets bad but see how it goes now that they have had the wormer. And that's assuming there are any feathers around that area if your girls are partly bald!

    You are right to not 'over treat' is important they get the fully balanced nutrition from the pellets and not fill up on yummy treats that lack balance. A boost of cat food once or twice a week for the first few weeks will help but again, don't overdo it and always feed it in the afternoon when they've had a chance to eat plenty of pellet. Believe it or not, dried cat biscuits are a better option as they have a far more concentrated level of nutrition in them but remember that they will swell in the damp crop environment so never more than about half a dozen per bird at a time.

    Boiled or scrambled egg, especially with a spoonful of natural yoghurt added, is also a fantastic boost for them....again, always in the afternoon.

    Good luck with your wee rescued girls. They will be well worth your extra efforts I promise!
  9. Shabana

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    Thankyou so much,

    I really hope the wormer works, already I,m really attached to Lilly. I think Tilly and \Milly will be fine, they are in a much better condition, and full of the joys.
    Will do just as you said with the cat food/biscuits and will keep her bum clean and trimmed. I wouldn't care a jot if she never laid me an egg just so long as she was healthy.

    Many many thanks

    shabana x
  10. Shabana

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    Just a little update.
    Lilly's poops are getting better ! They are not perfect but they are no longer like water :) Her bottom has stayed clean she's eating and drinking well.
    The best news is that I've not had any eggs from her for two days, so I'm hoping this might mean her body is able to absorb some of the vitamins I'm ploughing into her.
    She still doesn't want to perch to roost (the other two are getting there) but she's probably still a little weak so I don't push her if she gets off.

    Just wanted to say thank you for the support and kind messages xxx

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