Rescued Hen Struggling with Swollen Eye - Help Please


11 Years
Oct 15, 2008
Northeast IL
I have a hen, actually two, that I need help with. They were rescued from a farm that left their freshly debeaked flock to "graze" with no supplement feed and no shelter at night. They were all half starved, "molting" according to the previous owner (but I believe it was feather loss from terribly bad health and starvation). Most of them were coughing, sneezing, had rattling in their chests and had runny almost watery poop. Obviously none of them were laying. It's taken me a few months to get them all healthy, strong and laying again but I have one hen who has a swollen eye who isn't doing well. She is constantly picked on by the now healthy hens and has a very red swollen puffy closed eye that hasn't responded to any of the other treatments I've used on the flock. I put them all on medicated starter feed, let them run around outside in their own dedicated yard all day with constant access to a clean barn that they all sleep in at night, dusted with Permethrin Poultry Protector and wormed with Wazine. Then 8 days after that I used 5 to 6 droplets of Ivermax ivermectin pour on dropped onto the skin on the back of the full size hens' necks and 4 drops on the banty rooster's back of neck. I also used between .5 cc and .25 cc (depending on size/weight) of Tylan 200 orally for 4 days on every full sized bird and .25cc for my banty roo. Catching each one of them each day was not easy to do but was clearly worth it because they all improved dramatically. The sickest birds were given three more days of Tylan. I used Blu-Kote on any exposed skin that looked red or irritated while they finished molting. I tried VetRx on the two with eye issues for two days. I've changed to Layer 16 feed now that their poop looks healthy. They seem so much better all around. No coughing or sneezing, poop looks normal/firm/properly colored, feathers and feet are glossy and beautiful, they're at a heavier healthy weight, fully feathered, laying daily and gorgeous. My concern is I have one hen who sleeps a lot who is at a healthy-but-on-the-lighter-side weight and has a red half squinty eye and one hen who is still too light, looks like she has trouble keeping all her feathers clean, hides from all the others and has a Very swollen puffy closed eye. Her poop is normal though and everyone including the two with eye issues are laying. I've been throwing away the eggs until I get all the meds cleared out of their systems just to be safe. Does anyone have any idea what it could be and how I can treat it? I looked at her eye the best I could past the swelling and didn't see any sign of growths or cuts or anything white or hard in there like some of the eye worm youtube videos I've watched. The tissue around, over and under the eye and eyelid is super red, inflamed, warm to the gloved touch and swollen and her eye tears clear fluid if any gentle pressure is placed on the swollen area under the eye. She's shaking her head and itching at her eye too. I just picked up Vetericyn Pink Eye Spray but am wondering if I should try a round of a different kind of oral antibiotics at the same time to nip whatever this is in the bud once and for all so they get better and we can have fresh eggs someday. Also wondering if I should treat the entire flock at once since she is around them all. I don't want to cull anyone, I wouldn't know how and I'm their only caretaker. If it will help I can post pictures. We don't have a chicken vet in our area so I could really use advice. I've called around with no luck. Any help will be much appreciated.
It couldn't hurt to rinse her eye with saline. Sounds like she probably needs more than that but it might be a good place to start until you know what the real problem is.

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