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8 Years
May 2, 2011
Southwestern PA, Flock since 5/2011
I wanted to reseed my grow out/bachelor coop run every winter. Where I live it gets quite cold over the winter and have no clue what would grow quickly enough to put 1 month old chicks on it in april or may. Today was quite warm, I'm hoping tomorrow will be nice too. My plan is to break down the old bachelor shelter and get the run ready to spread seed when appropriate. Something easily sustainable that won't deplete the soil.
I would like to soil to not be muddy and stinky all summer. Any suggestions?
Winter wheat. it will sprout in three days.You can use Rye takes longer to sprout though.
Iam getting ready to make a frame in my run with wire over the top. Fill with dirt and plant wheat.
That way they can have green stuff they cant scratch up.
Today I roughed up the run area and spread rye seed as the feed store was out of wheat. I then spread some leaves in a light sparse layer to cover the seed from the wild birds. I hope it sprouts and there is grass in the spring. It took about 4# of seed to cover the area. Its approx 10x20-25. The new grow out/bachelor coop will be 4x6 with a sloped roof and open front if I have my way. My DH doesn't want it to be complicated but since ill be ripping apart the pallets I might as well build it.
I planted fescue in my run early last spring. It took 3 months for it grow thick enough and about a week for the chickens to strip it bare again. It's hard to grow anything that will last any amount of time unless you rotate runs every couple of months.

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