Resisting Chicken Math...


Aug 10, 2019
Vancouver, WA
Went to the farm store today and they had several bins of a few-day old pullets... I didn't think I would be tempted because I figured they'd be unsexed and I can't have roosters where I am so the risk isn't appealing. But most of them were sexed! I was so tempted to take home at least an olive egger chick.... But I have 5 chicks that are a week old already and our coop just isn't big enough for any more. I can't justify making a bigger coop before our babies even grow into the first coop :gig But it was very tempting. Is this what my life is going to be like for the foreseeable future?! Haha.

Also I'm feeling "empty nest" syndrome today, I moved the girls out to the little office room in the garage... Steps from the house but they have been 3 steps from my desk the past week. I miss their peeps. But they're feathering in and getting messyyyyy! I am happy they all seem to be healthy so we've started naming them :) Attached is a pic of their first outdoor excursion yesterday... In a box because the Run isn't built yet haha. (The coop is done, at least.)


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Adorable!!! Love, love, love!

I'm struggling with temptation, too. I was at the feed store, and they had Polish, Austrorp, and Ameraucana pullets. They were probably Easter Eggers, but whatevs. I want to add all three of those breeds to my "collection," but I have 8 right now: 4 year old hens, 1 five month old pullet, 2 three month old pullets (I think pullets), and 1 three month old cockerel. I have room, but Hubby would kill me...
Do you believe the farm store knows the genders for sure? No customers mixed them up by accident? Or they reallly truly kniw how to sex chicks? Or they're not lying? There's millions of stories about the inconsistency of farm store sexing of chicks.

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