Respiratory Disease in Chickens with a very short 2-3 day incubation period ?


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I just brought a couple new hens home on Thursday afternoon = bought from the same person. They looked healthy so I made the mistake of putting them right in with my other hen. Major mistake!!! The next day one of the new hens was making a coughing sound and wet by her nostrils. I took her out to a hospital pen, but the damage was already done as when I checked the other new hen and my original one this morning, my original hen was standing making a "wheezing" sort of sound when she breaths out. : ( Antibiotic started this morning. Is there a respiratory disease thought that has a very short incubation period of just 2-3 days?
I lost 5 birds from January last year untill May. I lost a bird every 4-6 weeks and could not figure it. They went down with CRD. Once it took hold of a bird they died within 72 hours no matter what I did. I finally started to win the battle by giving them high doses of Tylon by this time half the girls had died. I was so frustrated and upset. I washed everything down with Js fluid every few days and the inside of the coop down with Bleach. every 2 days to start and now I clean out and wash down maybe once or twice a week. I used to clean out once a month and use the skatt for compost/ fertiliser. Now I don't. I used to use woodshavings and put hay on the top so when you cleaned it it rolled out like a carpet once a month now I never use wood shavings only hay in the nest boxes and Lino coveres the floor of the coop under the roosts. So I just pull out the floor drawer and scrape the scatt off then wash it all down clean with bleach. I use Lino in the floor of the nest boses too. Just removing dirty hay - I never leave soiled hay or damp hay in the nest boxes from broken eggs etc. I always chuck and re do. I also now spray mite spray everytime I clear the nest boxes.

It was only doing this that stopped the deaths. - Then like you I had a disaster. I brought home two new laying hens to boost the flock and because I knew the fellow I get them from I took it for granted they were healthy. The following day both of those girls were wheezing and coughing! Darn - I was so mad!
I put them in a hospital pen and gave them high % tylon throu a syringe. One of the girls was laying on her side in the nest box when I got her out so she was half dead and I thought I wouldn't get her back. I learned with my others if you didn;t get it soon enough they were gone. So I really worked at her syringing every 2/3 hours for the first three days. After a week they were much better after 10 days no wheezing at all.
My own girls I scrubbed down everything and stripped everything down and I sprayed Js fluid everywhere I remembered the infected hens had walked. I put my girls on Tylon for three days and they were fine appart from Betty who got a bit of a cough that went again.
I did not put the "new girls" back into my flock. - They are living with another flock near by. After I got rid of the CRD I knew my own girls would be carriers and I wonted to get it out of the flock. I have 3 young pullets who wont now be going in with my adult birds. I am litterally waiting until they die and keeping the pullets seperate to be the base for a new CRD fee flock.

Oes - sorry to hear of your troubles simpathise much with you!
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I am leaning towards the Infectious Bronchitis with their symptoms.
I am leaning towards the Infectious Bronchitis with their symptoms.
It does sound like it. I had a rescue bird that had had IB 3 yrs prior to this outbreak. I wondered if it had been dormant in her and the bad winter brought it back? She was the first to die. So now that I know it is in the flock again I am not prepared to take on any other birds with it. So that is why the two from the egg farm I got went to another flock. I really didn't think that I would be buying in infected birds - so it just goes to show no matter how nice someone is and how good they keep their pens and how many prievious birds you got from them - ALWAYS ALWAYS QUARENTINE!!!!! My birds went down every 4-6 weeks and it took one bird at a time, once it got hold the birds died quite quickly about 72 hours if that. It sounded like Newcastles or IB. As it has a 4 week incubation, what a shame - I lost my lovely Red Sussex Bertha and my Beautiful Maran girl Gerty werty, We also lost Dorothy and Drumstick and then it came back for a final blow and took My 3 yr old girl Mable I had had since a chick. It is an incredibly cruel disease.

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So sorry to hear of the loss of your chickens. I love the cute names that you had for them.

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