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May 14, 2013
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Hey everyone. I have a couple chickens that are showing symptoms of upper respiratory issues. It all started with a new addition about 2 months ago. He was making these gurgling sounds in his throat and at first we thought it was just a goofy growl thing that he did. A couple weeks ago though, my other roo started with rattled breathing and a horse voice. He even got to the point of having bloody discharge from his nose but that was a one day thing. Both boys were treated with tylan 50 and they both seemed to recover well but already, the one has raspy breathing again and now two of my hens are showing it. Everything I've searched for is pointing to Mycoplasmosis (MG) except, they're not acting any different than normal and I don't see any eye discharge or mucus being spit up. I've separated the sick ones, sanitized the coop (bleach), and changed the bedding. If this really is MG then there's no cure and I'll have to cull the sick ones. I finally have my flock the way I want and I love my birds. I really don't want to cull them all and start over :( I separated the ones that are not showing any symptoms into a couple groups away from each other to watch for signs of infection and symptoms. I'm hoping that by doing this, if there are any that are infected, I can weed them out and hopefully save any that aren't. My birds typically free range and have their own little "clicks" that they hang out in. That's what I based my separation on. Does anyone have any thoughts, suggestions, experiences, advice, anything? Does it sound like MG to you? Do you think my method could work? Is there any hope in this situation?
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You should probably contact your state vet or agriculture dept. to arrange to get one or two sick birds tested for MG, coryza, and ILT, just to make sure of what you are dealing with. ILT can cause bloody mucus from the beak and nostrils.

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