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    we had two chicks, and twelve eggs on new years eve. New years day, we noticed that both hens were on the ground, out of the nest. We had one hen who sat on the eggs, and one who regarded the chicks with devoted care. My father went inside the coop to investigate. He came inside the house and announced we'd lost a chick. I assumed this ment that one had died, however it had in fact vanished. The search began, we had a theory that the rat had slipped off with the tiny chick. (we have a rat that has taken up residency in tunnels under our coop) I was searching the three 'doorways' to the tunnels for feathers, when my father said "found it". I knew by his tone, that the chick was dead. I turned, and low and behold, the chick's cold stiff body was in his palm.

    "It's beak just moved" he said, and I looked closely at the still body. Indeed, the tiny beak was trying to gasp for air. This is the instant I remembered a story I read online, perhaps on this very site (not sure) about a chicken falling into a duck trough in the icy cold... I took both chicks inside.
    I explained to my parents, that a chicken's body is not quite like other animals, in the sense that, when hypothermic they 'go into a sort of coma' Like a bear in hybernation, they're internal systems slow down, to preserve energy. We placed both chicks in a Kritter Keeper with a CFL bulm shining on them. The healthy chick, was going nuts. The dead chick, was still just barely alive. My daughter came in and declaired the chick dead, moaned a bit, and asked to pet the other one. Ten minutes later, the healthy chick was still chirping up a storm, stepping on her sister... as if to say "wake up" and the gasping was more frequent.

    Twenty minutes later, the gasping had turned to breathing, and the chick was moving her head a bit. all the while, the healthy chick was saying "wake up"

    Thirty minutes later, we hear something new... "wake up, wake up wake up" followed by a meek but sure "shut up, shut up"

    Forty minutes later, the loud chick was eating, and the quiet chick, was still saying "shut up"

    An hour into the warm-up, the "wake up, wake up" was chased with "shut up and get your foot outta my eye"

    Two hours after bringing the two inside, the "shut up" chick was standing, and drinking. Her voice was now obnoxiously loud, and the "wake up" chick, was quiet and content.

    Today, they are relaxing in a nice, cozy twenty gallon tank with a heat bulb and a black light for sleepy time. (the tank helps prevent drafts)

    Just when you think it's hopeless... give it two hours and see where you are.
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    Woah. Freaky but great! Hope all goes well! [​IMG]
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    Arcadia, FL
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    Freaky is right, there's really not a lot i can say, it's just one of those things that leaves you speechless. I really didn't think it would work, But there they are, just fine and dandy. We're keeping them inside till they're bigger, to keep it from happening twice.
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    WOW , what a great story [​IMG] Glad everything turned out right. [​IMG]

    God bless,
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    Very nice story glad you saved it. I spent 20 years as a ff/paramedic that "trait" is common to humans also. We were always taught no one is dead until they're warm and dead.
    Glad it worked out for you.
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    aww thats a cute story!
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    very cute story and lucky little chook
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    Quote:wow, I never knew that about humans... but then, I hardly ever interact with humans either lol, I can't help it; critters are just more honest. The little poop machines are gaining weight like nothing I've ever seen. We've only had one other chick, and she grew pretty slow. But maybe that's because she had to compete with the rest of our 'tiny flock'. Thanks for the biology lesson! [​IMG]

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