Rest period or whatever after pros, and before freezer ??

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    Apr 24, 2010
    I herd you should rest the meat or let it stand on ice or whatever for several days after processing ? Do i have to do this , dose it make that much difference , this is my first batch of culled roosters 6 RIR crosses , and 2 light bramas , all are about 18 - 20 weeks. except one LB is 1 year. The processor told me that she always freezes them after processing , and that tenderizing only takes place for the first 24 hrs . She said she doesn't take the chance for sow manila. Whats your take , any advise for me, I will be picking them up tomorrow and they will be frozen . I really hope they are good . I'm kind of mad i didnt make her put them in the cooler on ice next time . If there is anything i can do at this point to make the meat the best it can be please tell me thanks all.
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    Hello I've done my own personally once and had someone else process for me twice. We put it in the ice bath to get the temp down for about an hour, then after bagging the chicken we put it in the frig for 24 hours. Then put them in the freezer. We processed an Easter Egger and Rhode Island Red ourselves and they tasted great after doing the day in the frig. and freezing part. I baked both of them and it was great. I have 50 cornish cross that I take to the processor and still come home and put them in the downstairs frig before the freezer. Hope this helps. Good luck

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