Rhode Island Red/ Barred Rock Hybrid chicks available in CT


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Apr 6, 2007
If you have watched my other posts you will know I just had a good hatch.
I don't need this many chickens. If anyone needs some chicks I'd be willing
to part with 12 for $2 each (cover egg expense).

These chicks came from a couple in Southbury who have bread a Barred Rock/RIR
cross which is sexable.

Look here

Quote from the breeders:
"As far as the breeds go the hens laying are 100% barred rock, and 100% RIR.
The rooster is the product of RIR and Brred RCK Cross paired with a RIR and White
Rock Cross. The lrgest of this offspring was paired again with a 100% RIR rooster.
Along the way a recessive gene from an earlier cross came out in the pea comb, and
an occasional feathering on the feet.
What I end up with is sexed chicks at hatch. Blck with white dot on head is female, all black is female, red is female, and yellow is male"

Some may look at this with a skeptical attitude but I have met these people and
completely believe them. I also look forward to hatching more of their eggs.





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yeah--you need to make room for my rooster that is heading your way.

I just PMed someone coming to get a few chicks from me this week, just in case they were interested.
Thanks Tiffany.

I'll take care of that roo for you but you won't like the way I do it. I have 9
Delaware & 1 Buff Orp(Jimmy) roos that I need to cull but just can't. Jimmy
has become quite the crower and crooner
. I had to seperate him from
the ladies.
I could trade you one or two if you want to trade. I dont know what mine will be though.

You can put me on the list for the next batch comeing out of the PCbator though (not the mind altering ones though)
I live in rhode island. If you can ship 6 to me, i will be able to pay for s&h as well as the chicks. I only want females though.

Mail me if interested.

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