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    Feb 26, 2014
    I'm new at raising chickens. I live in the city limits so I only have 4 hens. I bought 2 RIR pullets from my local feed store. They just started laying a week ago (I feel like a proud mama.) :) One has laid 5 dark brown eggs consecutively, but her eggs are tiny...all exactly the same size...about the size of a 50 cent coin. The other one has laid only one egg which is a lighter, paler shade of brown and medium in size. Just wondering if it is common for a new layer to lay such tiny eggs. Also, since the other hen's egg is a different color, is she mixed? The two hens look exactly alike...a deep rusty red color. I love them no matter what...just curious.
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    Every hen lays her own shade of egg.

    Hopefully your tiny egg layer will increase the size of her eggs in a few weeks.

    In general though, the eggs do continue to increase in size, with the eggs being a very nice size their second spring.
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    Give them some time, they should eventually increase in size. My latest batch of leghorns started out laying eggs not much bigger than the silkies, but now, at a year old, their eggs rival the turkeys! [​IMG]
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