Rhode Island Red/New Hampshire Red flock

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  1. louis

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    Feb 20, 2009
    Texas Hill Country
    I have a flock of 14 with breakdown as follows:
    6 RIR pullets, 1 RIR rooster - born Feb. '09 (11 months)
    4 NHR pullets, 1 NHR rooster - born Apr. '09 (9 months)
    2 Cornish Rock pullets - born Apr. '09 (9 months)

    Everyone, including the two roosters, get along pretty well. The roosters aren't aggressive towards people and everyone's pretty tame.

    All of the pullets are laying. The Cornish Rocks don't lay as often but put out some monster eggs when they do (every couple of days). I average 9 or 10 eggs a day. Everyone's healthy and lively. They're used to free-ranging during daylight hours.

    I'm selling because I'll be moving come spring. I expect at least one of the girls will start setting when the weather starts to get nice and I want them in their new home before that happens. $100 is the whole flock price. I'll sell a few separate for $12 a piece. They're all good but if you just want a few it would be my pick to ensure I have the best flock to offer to the next person. If you want waterers, feeding trays I'll throw them in with the flock.

    This will be local pickup only in Comfort, TX (~40 miles west of San Antonio on I-10). PM or email with any questions: [email protected]
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    Aug 20, 2009
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    Louis's bird are great!!! I got 3 NHR's from him a while back and am more than happy with them! If I had room I'd be snatching these up myself;)

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