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Jan 1, 2016
Hershey, PA
I have a problem.
I went out to check on my girls last night to find Luna, who looked & sounded fine @ dinner time, coughing & sneezing, with a nasal discharge & mucusy drool. I can't get her to a vet till Thursday so any advice in the meantime would be helpful. I had her in the bathroom overnight & will put her in the small pen today where she can see & hear her flock but not contaminate them ~ I hope. The man says its possible it's a cold or allergy reaction ~ which would be the best outcome~ but she is very rattly.

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Oh no. Most people would start an antibiotic right away. I would normally say hold off as antibiotics are over used but Thursday is a long way off. I doubt you can even get any fast enough unless you have some on hand.

If you want to explore starting an antibiotic, let me know. I can help.

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