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May 14, 2020
South Carolina
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The next thing is the surprise that arrived.
I don't like outing people unless they're ok with that but I can't think of more people anywhere who will appreciate what arrived in the mail today so I won't tell you who it is from. They can do that themselves if they are so inclined but this is the surprise they sent me:
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Aren't they fantastic!!!
Thank you so, so much! Even the man was charmed.
I can't wait to boil me an egg with vegemite soldiers & use them! Tonight's dinner methinks. :D
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They are beautiful!


Dec 18, 2018
Island, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
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Cool & overcast here this morning. We are on an 8:15 boat of the island & a couple of hours after that we should be in the country looking @ chickens. The weather is a relief. I hate lugging chooks about in the heat.

And in the middle of the night it occurred to me I need some names. I thought I might go Shakespearean so if you have a favourite Shakespearean lady list her here. I might decide one of the new girls looks like a good fit. ;)
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