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Crossing the Road
Dec 18, 2018
Island, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
My Coop
My Coop
This is Soda. Yes; she's a big, big girl.
She was the youngest of my 1st pullet buy & I've always said she suffers from youngest child syndrome. She's always been playing catch~ups.
When we lost the Australorps, Hepzibah should have slotted into the lead chook role & for a while she reluctantly sort of tried but by nature she is something of an independent loner Being Big Boss really wasn't her thing so Soda took on the job. She & Hepzibah run together but they tolerate the Favorelles pretty well. It's the Campines who get up everyone's snoz. They are hit & run experts. Soda doesn't usually go broody; she just goes out in sympathy with her sister to keep her company. :rolleyes: They are big calm girls who aren't fazed by much.
20200124_152943 (2).jpg

And all the girls pigging dinner. They always seem to upend heaps of it in the dirt but they all prefer the open tubs to the treadle feeder.
20200124_153354 (2).jpg
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