Rice Cream. Impossible? (Help Please!)

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  1. Cassandra

    Cassandra Ranger Rick

    Oct 27, 2007
    Southwest Mississippi
    My little boy doesn't eat much dairy. Hardly ever. It makes him really bad constipated. So obviously he loves it. [​IMG]

    I found the recipe how to make home made ice cream using two coffee cans and that is something he would SO MUCH LOVE to do!!

    He drinks mostly rice milk (sometime soy.) Would either of those turn into ice cream using the same method as regular milk? I don't know what part the milk protein plays in how it freezes. But he sure would love it?

    Any food chemists out there have any idea? [​IMG]

  2. AussieSharon

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    Dec 18, 2007
    Sorry I don't know the answer but was wondering if you'd tried goat's milk? It lacks an enzyme found in cows milk making it easier for some people to drink.

    I'm pretty sure Missprissy makes goats milk ice cream
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  3. MissPrissy

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    May 7, 2007
    Forks, Virginia
    We do make ice cream from goat milk. It is so rich and smooth and creamy. Here is a thread we did last summer.


    Also - goat milk is some of the very best milk for people with troubles - if you can get it raw it is even better. However it is not legal to sell goat milk for human consumption that is not pasturized and from a dairy with a permit - so, find someone with goats and see if you can 'borrow' a quart for your son to try. Goat milk is often used for new born babies that can't process formula and breast milk is not available.
  4. Cassandra

    Cassandra Ranger Rick

    Oct 27, 2007
    Southwest Mississippi
    I got some goat milk today! I found a lady from our local swap group who traded me a GALLON for a pint of blackberry jelly. [​IMG]

    I have let Brennan eat quite a lot of it today. Made some pudding with it, made chocolate milk, made a pan of cornbread with it, AND made ice cream. (He hasn't got to eat that, yet. He had to go to bed, but he'll get some tomorrow.)

    I'm anxious to see how it works out for him. I don't give him milk here but he gets it at other places. No matter how many times I tell people, even my own mother, he ends up getting milk in cereal or cheese or yogurt or things like that when he's away from home.

    So, I think I have simulated what would be normal cow milk exposure after a day at Nana's. With that much cow milk, he'd definitely be constipated when he got home and we'd have to start the mineral oil and prunes and stuff. After about six months of trial and error, we learned not to let the constipation get so bad he was miserable. But it was tough for a while.

  5. smpezzi

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    Jun 4, 2008
    I don't know about how to make your own but I do know from experience that there is such a thing as Rice Milk ice cream, I can't think of the brand name at the moment but I will I know they have a website and everything, if nothing else try a google search on homemade ricemilk ice cream. Hope this helps a little

    Edited to add- Rice Dream that is the brand name [​IMG] Knew I would think of it
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