RIP Lucy


Jul 4, 2019
FBFC53C8-2E74-4876-9D44-68C50A938C86.jpeg I’m devastated Lucy died this morning she was lying down and breathing with her beak open. I rushed to the vet but she died there... I never thought I’d be so attached to a chicken! I cried so much at the vet and all the way home
I’ve been reading a lot of other posts. Lucy must have been sick from the beginning... the other 3 hens started laying 5 weeks ago. An egg every morning like clockwork. Lucy never laid. She would sit down a lot in the sun and doze. Her wings would sometimes hang lower and she didn’t perch. She ate and drank a lot but was very skinny. It’s been suggested she was much older than we thought. If so, shame on the man who sold her to us. The other hens didn’t like her so she was always on her own. Even my dog would stare at her and want to get at her, but not the other chickens. I’m feeling SO guilty that I didn’t get her looked at earlier :-( we have never had chickens before and just thought she was a little odd. But we loved her so much. Let her inside the house where she would sit on the back of the couch, kept her inside on cold nights, lots of cuddles. I want this feeling of guilt to go away :-(

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