RIP my little Bee-Beep


Seramatching Equestrian
10 Years
Aug 18, 2009
This morning I found my little guy in his house. We are guessing he had passed away sometime during the night. It really upsets me to see him go. He was such a one in a kind type of rooster. Super sweet to his girl and myself. Not a mean bone in his body. He was just so young and had so much potential. I miss him so much already and wish that he didnt have to go so soon. I wish I had been able to hatch a couple of their eggs.
Rest in peace my little Bee-Beep. I will take good care of your girl for you....


And what should I do with his girlfriend? I do have three seramas, but they are their own little group and dont think they would like the idea of another chicken coming in with them.
I do have 2 young serama pullets in with her right now and she has taken them in well and I think she enjoys having them there with her.
I just couldnt stand watching her pace back and forth. Her and Bee-Beep were really close.
Sorry you lost such a good friend. Chickens like to be in a flock so the girlfriend will do better with her fellow chickens.
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