RIR hen not roosting or moving around much


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Apr 15, 2013
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One of my rir hens is not behaving as usual. I only have two and they are usually neck n neck but i noticed this morning one of them would just lay around and didnt want to move unless i approached her. When she would get up and move i noticed she would favor one wing as she layed back down. Tonight she would not get up on the roost either. I have only had these birds since last saturday they are about one year old. I am pretty sure she is eating and drinkin a little, although she would not eat the bread i threw them tonight. I am goin to give her a full exam in the morning. Do you guys have any suggestions what to look for other than an injured wing? I am a greenhorn! on a good note i got my first back yard egg today!
this was them on Saturday enjoying the sunshine now she won't even get out of the coop. Just lays around could she be broody?
Yes, I do. Definately check her wing, visual, how much movement there is, gently, also check her over really well for mites and lice while you have her. Do you see any redness around the feather base? Anything that might not look quite right? Check her belly, just run your fingers gently front to back. Any lumps there you can feel? Near and at her vent [bottom] do you see any redness? Anything that doesn't look right? How 'bout her eyes? Are they the same? Color the same, pupil the same? At her beak, is there any discharge? Any smell? How about her poops? What do they look like? Pictures if you can, please.
Thanks for the advice, Haunted 55, I checked everything u told me this morning. She seemed to be a lot better today back out in the run pecking around. I am pretty sure she was the one who layed me an egg today. A friend of mine came over he seems to think she is just broody. She even got back on her roost tonight. The only thing i didnt check was around her vent for lice/mites but i will check both of them tmrw.

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