rir little bit cheeky!!


8 Years
Aug 9, 2011
Is it normal for rir's to get a little bit cheeky before they start to lay, they are 20 weeks and their comb or wattle are not very big but are red!!
I don't know, but my RIR, red, has really been loud lately and screams at me constantly whenever I'm at the coop. She will get up on anything that will put she at face level so she can really get in my face. Sounds like shes mad at me and telling me I've no business there. then this morning she stopped screaming at me and when into the nest box and was really making a racket for about 10 minutes, then she left without a word. But, no egg. I don't know if shes getting ready to lay or if all RIR are like that....shes my only RIR.
My rir just stared laying about 2 weeks ago and she got very aggressive just before she stared and still is, I have another one who is still nice but has not layed yet. I have seen others post about their rir's getting mean also, so I am beginning to believe it is the breed.
Idk about cheeky but my little red hen has a large personality. She makes herself at home in the livingroom- follows me around nagging- with her plastic horn voice. She is constantly underfoot- I trip on her at least once a day. And could care less about being with the flock. She's definately the leader. Has been since they were babies. Very independent the first to try anything. Not scared of anything.

I haven't noticed any aggression and I pet her even as she is sitting on her eggs without any protest.

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