RIR mother hen acting dizzy


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Jul 29, 2013
Santa Rosa, California
I have a RIR hen that has 4 week old chicks. I just noticed today she is acting dizzy, her head is bobbing to the side and she is walking in circles. Any ideas what this might be? I have been monitoring her and she has been eating and drinking, but I'm not sure if it has been enough. They always have food and water in their area.
thanks for any advice!
That sounds like a neurological problem. Could she be overcome by the heat? Is there plenty of shade and cool water? I like to use flat pans of water so my chickens can stand in them to cool off, but with chicks under 2 weeks old I wouldn't advise this. Your 4 week olds should be okay. I would watch her close and maybe even put her in some cool but not cold water.
Ok thanks. Yes she has plenty of shade in their house, I will try the pans of water sounds like it might help. I saw her stepping in their regular water bowl a few times so maybe she is overheating. I also have some chick electrolytes that I will give her.
thanks for your advice

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