RIR rooster going downhill.

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May 4, 2017
Greetings everyone, thank you for having me!

I posted a couple weeks ago about our rooster who suddenly became sick. (I'm unable to find that post anywhere here.)

At first he wasn't eating or drinking so I brought him inside for a few nights and gave him a warm bath. I checked him over for pests and couldn't find any, or any visible injuries either.

Well, he started eating again and I thought he was recovering. I was mistaken because he's got a problem with his left thigh. He favors it and limps really bad on that side when he walks. He's only about 1.5 years old. While he's eating and drinking, I can tell he's ill because he hardly crows, sits in the shade all day, and his tail feathers drool very low. Most of the time they're nearly dragging the ground. His eyes are clear and bright, his lungs sound clear as well. It's just his gimpy leg.

I wormed the whole flock as soon as I noticed that he was ill.
I gave him some supplement that's made for horses in the advice of our local farmers Co-op. It was Red-Cell homogenized something-er-other. Other than that I've not changed anything. I noticed when I put them away for the evening that he seemed to be lablring to breathe, like all of his tail feathers were rising and falling as he'd take breaths in/out.

Any suggestions on what to do next?
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He might be in a lot of pain.... I'd keep him in a confined area, with a blanket or towel,
where he can't move around much, but has water and food...
Poly vi sol without iron, works wonders for chickens healing and gives them vitamins.
Look up a dosage for baby aspirin for chickens....
Maybe add nutri drench to water...
keep him warm and comfortable....
hopefully someone else comes along with some good advice for you...
Or perhaps take him to the vet...

This is our family's rooster, Brutus. He looks after our 4 hens, and he's very friendly.
About 3 weeks ago I noticed he sneezed once or twice, then he became less active, and seemed like he wasn't eating or drinking. Then he didn't leave the coop when I opened the door in the afternoons to let the free range. I added the prescribed dosage of worm meds to his water and gave him a warm bath. (He fell asleep in the bath and I had to hold his head above the water. I'm unsure if that was from being so sick or if he just enjoyed it so much.)

I went to the local Co-op where the guys working there acted as if I was foolish for trying to get medicine for him. They didn't have an answer until I pressed on and on. The only thing they could recommend, as they passed me off to the 'new guy' working there as part of some kinda joke, was for horses? It's Red Cell Iron-rich homogenized selenium biotin. I added 1 oz to one gallon of water.

Fast forward to today, he's eating and drinking, moving around just a little. He crows in the mornings, but it's not up to his usual volume. I can walk up to him and catch him, before this happened he was always way too quick for me. Now he is limping on his left leg, and he's off balance. I thought he was getting better, and he did for a few days, now it seems he's not over it yet...

What do you all recommend here?

Thank you very much!!
Thank you for the suggestions.
He's lasted a lot longer than I'd have expected.

I had an emergency appendectomy last Wednesday, so I'm just now getting around a little. (The way it's looking though, our family's pet isn't going to make it.)
Thank you for the reply.

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