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    I'm bored so I decided to start a story, feel free to give me ideas or feedback. Please note I wrote the prologue at 3 am, so there may be some errors. Please let me know if you have any suggestions for the story. Thanks:

    Six hooded men each stood by a pedestal, forming a circle. Each closed their eyes and magic formed around their bodies.
    "They shall rise again. They shall rise again." They chanted in unison.
    A beam of light appeared in the middle of the circle. That light quickly become dark and spread across the lands turning everything dark. All but one hooded man disappeared. The last one smirked "They shall rise again." and he too vanished.
    The world was completely dark, the sun will never rise, the people's heart will never open. The animals will kill each other, leaving groups to be on there own. The darkness is still spreading and had effected certain areas, it grows quickly were darkness already lies. No one is aware of it. No one can stop it, or can they?
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    Going to update it either today or tomorrow
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    A man, Eric, sat down and watched the humans. His golden eyes scanned to groups.
    "Dark, dark, dark," He whispered, looking at each person's aura, "dark, dark," He paused staring at a red-headed girl. He smirked "Green. Found ya." He got up, his eyes turned to their natural brown color, and walked towards the strange girl.
    The red-head headed towards the bar, Eric followed her closely, trying not to be seen. When she entered to bar, Eric waited outside "Me and drunk humans don't mix." He paced back and forth, hoping she will exit soon, his irritation show on his face. After a few hours the girl finally left the bar. Eric waited for a few seconds before following her. The girl walked straight to her home, a small cottage, slightly outside of the village. Eric stopped at the edge of the village, watching the girl go inside her home. "Catch ya later...Green." He smirked and walked back to the market square.

    (going to write more tomorrow, if people like it so far...)
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    I think it's interesting. I'll find out soon if I like it. [​IMG]
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    After some time in the market, Eric walked towards his house. He looked around before entering his house through the back. looking around, Eric spotted a dark figure. His eyes instantly turned golden. "Who are you?" he hissed.
    The figure walked towards Eric, stopping a few inches in front of him, his face covered by a hood. "No one." The figure said tauntingly.
    Eric growled "Who. Are. You?" His patient wearing thin.
    "I told you. I am no one. I guess its best I leave before things get," the figure paused for a second, "ugly." The figure then vanished into thin air.
    "Mages." Eric spat and then punched the wall.
    He looked around before heading to his room and sleeping.

    (sorry its so short....might think of more to write later...)

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