Road rules....or not!

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    Apr 18, 2010
    We have some special folks out here, I swear.

    On the way to town, there is an intersection that is the "busy" intersection - the only stoplight in town, and it controls an intersection with 4 lanes for the two roads (right turn, straight lane, center turn, other straight lane).

    We have the local firefighter and ambulance a few blocks down in town, and the three gas stations are the major hangouts for the two police cars the town boasts (though the state cops usually hang with them occasionally).

    Now, it's a quiet town, so you hear the sirens before you ever see them. I ran to town and was on my way back, sitting second form the red light, heading straight. I heard sirens, and looked to my right - car and motorcycle in the right turn lane, so no moving over for me. So, I sat. Saw the ambulance coming up behind me, light changed to I sat. The smartie in front of me idled on through the green light without a care in the world, and held the ambulance up until the ambulance could get past the oncoming (stopped) cars and pass the tard (with lights and sirens on).

    There was a police car behind the ambulance, without lights on. I wasn't sure of protocol, so I sat. She came up behind me, then passed me when she saw I wasn't moving, and caught up to the truck as the ambulance finally got around. Smartie there didn't even realize it was a cop until she flipped the lights and siren....and THEN he pulled over.

    Remember - emergency vehicles have the right of way all the time, even if you have a green light [​IMG]

    Sadly, you'd think folks would wise up that it's a hot cop spot. The guy that got pulled over is a local, I see his truck a lot. About once a month I see someone pulled over in the area, and many times have watched with satisfaction as someone breaks a law and immediately gets caught. They've even gotten me with a headlight out (I went to the store, parked, noticed it was out, and on the way home got pulled over. I told him I knew it was out, it had just gone out, and I'd get a new one in the next day - he let me go. They are really good cops, fair and nice, but VERY diligent!
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    Had a similar situation. 3 lanes and I was the first vehicle in line in the middle lane. Also a busy intersection. I was looking for an escape. Light turned green and all cross traffic stopped and i floored it and got out of their way.
    Now normally those who are behind you are nice enough to let you back in, but had one driver that cut me off so she could race along behind the ambulance. unfortunately for her she was driving her companies vehicle with their name all over it.
    Hope she liked the talk to her boss the next day.

    My favorite one was the scariest. Got paged out for a fire about 3 miles out, a grain fire. Got into the fire truck and took off.
    came over a small hill and sat an 18 wheeler with a low boy across the road. driver was watching the fire. Hit the brakes and the horn at the same time. He got that truck moving pretty quickly.
    Took me 2 days to calm down. Had a word with his boss about how they might not want to stop to watch a fire and block a main road.
    Brand new truck so yes I was pretty testy about it.

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