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Jun 6, 2009
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I have posted on here before about my trials and tribulations of homeschooling my kids. Well to add a little variety I thought we would come up with a virtual type 'road trip'. I will never get a chance to tour the states like I want to so I thought it would be fun to combine both a sight seeing and geography lesson in one.
So I am coming to ask for your help. If you have been to any really phenomenal places please post where it is and what you liked about it. It could be something that is a must see scenic sight, historic sight , etc. Pics would be a plus too. I will then compile all the info, pics etc into a lesson plan for them.
I got the idea this morning when I saw a thread for Mt.Rainier and it's cloud formations on here. They were absolutely gorgeous! I know I will probably never get to see something like that but I want my kids to be able to.
Anyway you get the idea.......
I am hoping to come up with a few things in each of the 50 states.
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Hey there. That would be great! I just figure we would try this as a fun 'extra curricular' outside of their regular work. I haven't had a chance to try that one site yet...time4learning but plan to next week. We are just going to get through this year with the program we're with and then next year shake it up again. lol;)
I'm thinking of trying to find a wall size blank map of the US that we can fill in as we 'travel' from state to state.
Sure, let me dig out the 50 states posts from's homeschooling too. Here geography's huge (because I'm a map junkie) we do it with the kids in 4th grade here.

Whenever anyone we knows goes on vacation or to visit family, we ask them to send us a postcard, and then we look up the city/state on google maps and add a dot to our country/world maps, you could do the same here.
Oh great idea, let the kids map out the trip and measure the distances and how long it will take to drive ! Sounds like great fun!
I've actually been to the Natural Bridge and am considering taking my kids there. That would only be a day trip so I'm game. We just can't go anywhere for more than a day b/c of our animals.

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