Roaming Chickens


5 Years
Apr 19, 2014
I am wondering what everyone does with the chicken poop that is in your yard? Do you have to go around picking it up with a shovel like you do with dog poop? I'm getting baby chicks this weekend and I think once they are big enough to go in a coop outside I will most likely let them roam. But I have two young boys that will be playing in the backyard as well so will their poop be a nuisance for my boys?
Its going to depend on how many and how big an area they roam. Rain and sunshine will break it down and take care of it. I only had a problem when they had access to my covered carport. No weather to break it down and wash it into the ground.
I'm only going to have two or three. My backyard is a pretty good size. But as we are approaching summer I don't know how much rain we will get...not much.
I doubt you'll even notice any chicken droppings from just three. You probably have that much and more, from any wild birds passing through.

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