Rock Hen falling over - revisisted / updated still need some help!

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    Hi everyone - I am back with the same issue but a bit updated. I have put her on a Aureomycin 4 Gram medicated crumbles for the last 2 weeks mixed in with her feed. I also used vitamins (Rooster Booster ). So far she is still falling down and staggering some. She is very active, healthy looking, laying eggs and being a normal hen. The swollen wattle is still there and I think it has to be a cyst. Should I lance it and drain & clean up with peroxide or something? Below is the first posting I made.

    Believe it or not, I contacted a mobile vet. She told me she did not see chickens too often but recommended BYC website to get answers! Wow, that was great. I wrote her back and told her I had done that and followed the info given but not too much change.

    So have a look - the biggets change is I suspect from the meds and vitamins - the wattle is now a normal red color and she is laying agian. Any other suggestions from the group??

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