Roll Tide!! Hello from Woodstock, AL!


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Sep 12, 2013
Hi everyone, I'm new to BYC and to Chickens! While I don't have any just yet, we're prepping for chickens, want to have everything as ready as we can before we get our first chicks! We just bought our first home in Woodstock, AL (Bibb County, near Vance)! No HOA here! WOOHOO!! Still need to double check any city ordinances, but we're pretty sure there aren't any, this is a tiny town, with a local feed store just down the road, like 2 miles away, maybe, which makes me really confident that there aren't going to be any ordinances to worry about. I'm really excited to learn from others' mistakes and experiences, and to have great success with as few bumps along the road as possible, though I do expect some! Does everyone raise chickens for eggs, or just as pets, or do any raise chickens for meat as well?
Welcome to BackYardChickens! My girls are pets that lay me eggs! I have a mixed group of 12 hens, 2 roosters and 3 chicks that are supposed to be girls, but we will see!!
Did you find any ordinances concerning chickens in woodstock? My husband and I are thinking about buying a home there. I have 6 chickens now and refuse to leave them behind.


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