Roo behavior in new hatched chick?

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by micheleomal, Feb 27, 2015.

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    This sounds silly but I have an Ameraucana chick that is not quite 24 hrs old. It picks on the next oldest chick which is 9 hrs old. I tries to stand on that chicks back. It is very curious, very active and when I put a thermometer in the brooder it stood up tall to it. Can you actually have roo behavior in a chick this young?
    Another question. The 9 hr old chick is a Salmon Faverolle. It seems strong enough, and I would expect it to sleep a lot but I have found it sleeping flat on it's back or laid out on its side. I had it in the brooder with the bully chick for a bit since it was dry and the other chick was peeping a lot and just seemed lonely but took it out and put it back in the bator with 2 new hatches for some R&R. Does it sound healthy? Did I do the right thing? First time hatcher/chick raiser here.
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    Chicks do sleep often and in weird positions, I would say as long as it's running around otherwise it's probably fine.

    As far as "roo behavior", I would suspect that it's just pecking order and curiosity more than male/female stuff. My Ameraucana (was actually EE) was by far the most rambunctious of the lot (and it ended up getting her killed when she broke out of the brooder and found my dog :( )

    I've only raised one batch of chicks though, so take my words with a grain of salt :)
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    Don't know about anyone else but I have a one week old and a two day old chick and actually had to separate them as they were fighting so badly. They are now with a fence between them so they can get to know each other without hurting each other. Hopefully I will be able to put them together soon. (so much for the chicks need company) I figure I have two roos. I have read that others haven't had any problem putting chicks together. Of course mine are both bantams so that might make a difference.

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