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    Each morning my DH lets out the chickens before work and then I take care of them in the evening. Last night after I had refreshed the food/water and was bringing them in, I found one of my roo's tangled up in netting and laying on the ground. His head was swollen and bare-all the feathers were plucked out. His eyes swollen shut and his comb was literally half torn off of his head. I have no idea how long he was there but I am sure it was the other roo we have that must have chased him and attacked him.

    I did my best to clean him up, medicate him and warm him up. He was bloody, full of mud and gasping for air. I have a feeling he either inhaled or swallowed some dirt/mud. He was a banty roo about 4-5 yrs old.

    Can anyone venture a guess as to why he died? I am thinking maybe a strain on his heart or he really did swallow mud.

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    Quote:Could have been combination of both, especially if he got tangled and lay there for quite awhile in the very hot weather. so sorry for your loss. [​IMG]
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    Well I've seen what a roo can do to another when they decide they want to be the only one. They go for the head and eyes. Your roo did the kiling. Sometimes I think stress will bring on such an attack.
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    So sorry to hear that your banty roo didn't make it. His body might have gone into shock after the attack or maybe he lost a good deal of blood poor thing.

    Who knows if he somehow got tangled up in the net first and then the other roo saw him as vulnerable and then attacked.

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