roo had a seizure I am scared please help

Cynthia 085

7 Years
May 4, 2014
What can cause a seizure in an adult chicken?

I believe my roo had a seizure that lasted @15-20seconds.

He was flopping, neck extended, and when I picked him up he had no control over his head. I just keept him firm against me (was able to pick him up quickly when I heard all the commotion). I was afraid his neck would be damaged.

He looks fine now...scared me to death. He is aware and back to being himself. He is standing. He is singing right what the? Did he just have a nightmare? No...I think he did have a seizure.

What can I do to help him?
Will he get another one?
I am aware that he can die from having another one.
What could be the issue?
He is the best chicken I have...
What can I do to help him?

He is a smutty buff Silkie roo who has a cross beak.
Thank you
My first rooster had a seizure while he was still on his roosting perch. I was right there when it occurred. Yes, it really scared me!

He pitched forward, flapping his wings, and I fear he would have died if I hadn't snatched him up and changed his position.

I decided to give him a baby aspirin every day, figuring he might have a heart problem. I can't say it kept him alive or not since I forgot to do it after the first few weeks after the seizure.

Around six months later, I found him dead under his roosting perch one morning. He was two years old.

It's not uncommon for some chickens to have weak hearts. There are also diseases that are transmitted through the egg from the mother hen that doom a chicken to die a year or two later. It can happen to anyone to lose a chicken in this way. You can never predict it.

If you're attached to this guy, you might try the aspirin therapy. It may or may not keep him alive, but it won't hurt to try.

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