Roo or mature pullet? Help please...


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What do you think? I know its hard with just one picture,,, I'm having a hard time getting pictures to post. Sorry. She's only 3 or 4 months old and is twice as big as her sisters. She's growing wattles and her comb has turned red. She sure doesn't look like her sisters. I'll try to get a differant picture up. Thanks Your opinions are greatly appreciated
Check the chicken's saddle feathers. At the base of the tail. If they are pointed then boy rounded then girl.

If the chicken next to the one in question is the same breed, I would lean towards a roo, but would like to see the saddlefeathers.
i dont have a clue what kind of chicken it is but they do look really diffrent be nice to see what it will come out to be in the future but I got some cochins Im gonna post tommorow on here so I just joined and been lookin around and love the site
so im gonna post my pics of my cochins tom. so yall can tell me what yall think my rooster might be mixed with in the cochin family thanks.

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It is beautiful, is that a blue color or is the that the lighting in the photo? Maybe a blue cochin cross or a poor quality cochin ( I apparantly have a white PQ cochin).
I didn't think his comb was very big,,,, but she's just SO differant than the others. Her Mom was a cochin. Kinda a blue/silver color. Don't know what the dad was. Now she's/he's getting the wheaten color on her wings. That little one next to it in the first picture was suppose to be her chick sister. They're mutts
Thanks for the comments. I still cant decide if it's a roo or pullet. The saddle feathers don't look pointed to me.
When I go back and look at pictures, this chicken should only be about 3 months old. Should it alreaddy be getting wattles?? At the very most, maybe 31/2 months.

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