Roo or pullet (buff orpington)?

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  1. I did some research on the forums here, but I’m completely new to chickens so I wanted to post the question here to see what responses I get. I’m a little worried one of my pullets is actually a roo since it’s developing a larger comb faster than the others and it’s turning red faster than the others. I have two buff orpingtons and one is a bit larger than the other and has a pronounced comb that is starting to turn red, while my other orpington still has a buff colored comb. I posted a photo of both of my orpingtons for comparison (I'm curious about the one on the top of the photo). They should be roughly the same age, about 4 weeks old, since I got them at the same time. Is it too early to tell if I have a boy on my hands? I’d love any thoughts/advice on when I can tell for sure if it’s a roo.

    Thanks in advance! I’m completely new to chickens and this forum has been an immense help!
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    Yep - you got yourself a little pair.
  3. Thanks for such a quick response - that's what I was afraid of [​IMG]
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    Oh, what a nice pair o' Buff Orps!

    Is there a reason you don't want cockerels? Like local laws or something? Because *I* think no flock is complete without a rooster.

    And BO roosters are GORGEOUS!
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    Are Buff Orphington roosters delicious? Because I"m going to eat my extra ones. I have 18 straight run right now and I see at least 5 with pink combs at about 3 weeks old.
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    Yep that's a roo! So cute!
  7. sunny & the 5 egg layers

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    Based on comb size/color, it looks like a rooster to me! [​IMG]
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    They're as delicious as any other chicken breed; after all, BOs are one of the "dual purpose" breeds, meaning good as layers and good for meat. I'd process the cockerels no earlier than 18-20 weeks of age, and 24 weeks would still be fine.
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    x2. Because I currently live in a city where roosters aren't allowed, the first crow was the decision point for me. My BO roos crowed around 16-17 weeks of age. In my first batch of straight run, in addition to the BO roos, I had a couple of Barred Rock X's. I let one of them stay until he was 25 weeks (and crowing all day, which is why DH said "this just can't go on"). I couldn't tell a difference in the tenderness of the meat, even though there was an obvious physical difference between the 17-weekers and the 25-weeker.
  10. Yeah, we live in the suburbs and roosters aren't allowed. They are very pretty and this one would make a great pet - but the neighbors wouldn't appreciate it.

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