Roo or Pullet? Too early to tell? Dominique 4 weeks old (updated, see photos below)


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Apr 28, 2013
I have six one month old chicks (first time chicken owner). One of the barred rock chicks is different than the rest and I'm a bit concerned she may actually be a he. Her name is Chicki Minaj.

Chicki Minaj is smaller than all the others, but the bravest and boldest of them all. Napoleon complex? Her comb is less developed than the others, but it looks to be turning pink. Her legs appear dark and she seems to be similar color to the other pullet I have (so she has some female seeming characteristics, from what I've read about barred rocks). It may just be too early to tell, but I thought I'd see if anyone had any input (photos are in post below)
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A picture will help but if this chick's comb is pinking up more than the others, and a bit larger, it sure to be cockeral. And the feathers are more white barrings than black.
Whoops, I thought the pictures attached, guess not. Here is Chicki Minaj:

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ahh you may be right there. just googled images of domenique cockerels, and there are some that look just like him. Sigh, gonna have to find a home for him.
So, I'm guessing my two black and white chicks are different breeds then? they looked so alike except for the combs!! So is there a chance Chicki could still be a pullet? Here is the other black and white chick, any idea what her breed is? Thanks for all of your help and wisdom guys!

This is Gloria:

Here they are together, Gloria is on the left and Chicki Minaj is on the right:
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Gloria is a barred rock (maybe Roo [big comb, but no redness]). There is a chance that Chiki Minaj (love the name) is a pullet because, in my opinion, birds with that type of comb have their comb redden sooner.
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Based on the bold barring of gloria's feathering, and the size of the comb, i'd guess cockerel. But, I could be wrong...i'm no expert. Are they hatchery/feed store chicks? I've learned that chicks you get from feed stores/hatcheries don't follow the norm anymore. That's why a lot of us get surprises as the chicks get older (like your favorite "pullet" crows for you and you realize she's not a she. Or one you thought was a cockerel lays and egg LOL). 3 of my "pullets" turned out to be cockerels. I'd wait a few more weeks. You should know for sure by then.

Here is an update! Closing in on 5 weeks, but still waiting, not too clear yet to me.

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