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    May 20, 2008
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    I have 1 roo that is a Silkie/EE mix and is almost as large as my other 5 month old standards, maybe just a shy smaller.

    When they were young he and his 2 siblings were attacked by something unknown and took on that scared behavior, which led to being picked on by other chickens. They don't hurt him, just chasing and he tends to run away if challenged by a hen. Now that he has been separated from his two siblings (1 is in a rehab pen, the other sold) he is finally mixing with my other standards, eating and resting near them.

    I am wondering, if I keep him as my only standard roo (he is really different and pretty) will his behavior change? Will he take on the roll of protecting them and mating with them, or will he stay scared and keep his distance? If I am going to try and deal with the crowing, I don't want to invest time in a roo that will run and hide from danger and the hens. Anyone have any experience with shy roos?
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    I hope someone can help you with this..My two Silkie Roos run my barn. They double team the big Orp Roo and he is terrified of
    There is no way I could ever let them go because they run the whole place and keep everyone else in line. And they are the only small breed I have.
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    May 24, 2007
    Unfortunately I don't have enough experience to really help you, I can tell you about what my Roos have done though.

    My first Rooster (Australorp) became very aggressive and protective of his flock by the time he was 5 months old. He was the best protector and I really, really wished I could have kept them. However, he turned on my kids and had to be rehomed.

    I right now have 3 four month old Roosters. My largest is a Gold-laced Wyandotte and he's starting to show 'some' interest in protecting the girls. He seems to be in love with my two Orps though and often ignores the rest of the girls.

    My Silkie Roo and Andalusian Roo neither show any signs of knowing what a Roo is for.

    How old is our Roo? I'm going to give mine a few more months to mature before I make any 'final' decisions about who I keep. Depending on how old yours is you may want to do the same?
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    May 20, 2008
    Chambersburg, Pa.

    I have a Silkie roo and a bantam Cochin roo, but they don't know they are roos yet and will soon be in a separate bantam coop and run. So this roo will have all the standard girls to himself.

    The whole roo thing is new to me, as you could probably tell lol. I guess its a waiting game to see how loud and obnoxious he might be if at all. I just don't want to get any more attached if theres no hope at all for him being a good roo. He is just very unique, mutt and color wise.

    I am wondering how people judge which roo to keep?

    My roo is about 4 1/2-5 months old.
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