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May 14, 2012
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What is the best type of roofing pieces of wood laid across the roof or felt because I'm making one and how
do you get rid and prevent getting rats inside my coop.
My coops all have just boards or plywood covered with tarp tacked down tight with roofing nails. Not sure of the expense on the tarp as I snagged mine from my mom who has huge rolls of it for her gardening & I only needed a couple small sections. But, it works great for no leaks as long as you don'y poke too many extra nail holes in it.

As for the rats, a couple nice big cats or small to medium sized dogs work great. Between my cat & the million neighborhood strays I have yet to see a rat, mouse or mole.
I would try to keep rats and mice away by making the coop and surrounding area unpleasant for them as possible. Do allow stacked wood near your coop or run,keep the feed in metal containers that are tightly closed and do visual inspections. Chickens will attack things that come into their home including snakes rats and mice. depending on how big they are of course.
You could also set traps if it came down to it, but I would keep those where the chickens can't get to them as they could easily break a leg, beak or even neck.

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