Roos For Sale in Foothills of NC: Buff Orp & RIR 3 months

Elven Dreams

10 Years
Feb 20, 2009
North Carolina
I have two beautiful roos for sale cheap or could be free to a GOOD home. They were purchased at TSC on March 24 of this year.

They are both friendly and have been handled since babies. I have a huge Austalorp that I am keeping and only need one rooster now.

My husband thinks we should eat them but I am just starting out in chickens and am not quite ready to take that step just yet... or with these two.


the Buff is on the left, photobucket wouldn't save the pic rotated, sorry!

These birds were raised in my kitchen and have never been sick. They are in a coop at night and moved around in the tractor in the yard throughout the day.

Post here or PM if interested.

I would prefer pick up but can meet halfway if close enough.

Where in NC are you? I just lost my 13 week old roo today and we're devastated! I need to replace him, especially because my 8 year old grandson is the one who found Buster dead and Buster was his favorite.

I'm in Church Hill, TN and travel to NC all the time.


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