Roos or Hens? Guesses on my EE's (or Americanas?)

GA Bunny

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May 16, 2014
We bought these 6 chicks mid-June. Not sure of their age at the time. I am sure the man told me but I have forgotten what he said. I have a pictures of them mid-June when we brought them home, again mid-July and again July 28th. I am thinking they are now around 3 or 4 months? Anyway, trying to determine which are roos and which are hens. I am sorry not greatest pictures, hopefully enough to get some opinions. We are new to the chicken world, so feeling our away around. Picture on the bottom is June 20th. The top one is July 14th and the 3 in the middle is from July 28th.

I see at least 3 roosters. The two lighter ones and the red one. Individual pictures and closer would be better.
The 2 lighter ones meaning the white and black one and the tri-color one (white brown and black)?

The 3 in front of this picture

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